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The Coricancha is a beautiful sacred place that the Inca Pachacutec ordered built after his victory over the Chanca, about the year 1438. Inside the temple is represented in gold and silver to the chief deities and wonderful flora and fauna of Peru. These sculptures, delicately wrought by goldsmiths of Chimú culture, were looted by the conquistadors who arrived in Cusco in 1533 and built the Convent of Santo Domingo on the temple.


It is said that the work was started by Pachacutec and continued by Tupac Yupanqui, though some historians say it was Huayna Capac who gave the final touch. Its construction took more than 70 years and required the force of some 20,000 men, both in the work of foundations and quarrying, transport of materials, carving and placement of the stones. From Sacsayhuaman you get a spectacular view of the city of Cusco and its surroundings. Moreover, it is possible to see peaks like Ausangate, the Pachatusan and Cinca.


The Cuzco cathedral, born after the Spanish conquest and founding of the city. With a Renaissance façade, very ornamental, and inside, also Renaissance, are the best expressions of gold colonial, wood carvings of cedar and alder, as the pulpit, and a valuable collection of paintings from the Cuzco School. On both its sides accompanying by two auxiliary chapels, the El Triunfo and Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

La Cicciolina
La Cosa Nostra
La Mammacha
Inka Grill
Incanto Plaza
La Divina Comedia
La Bondiet
El Pisquerito
Fallen Angel




Museo Inca de la Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad
Address: Cuesta del Almirante s/n, Cusco.
Museo del Templo del Qoricancha
Address: Av. El Sol s/n, Cusco.
Museo de la Catedral
Address: Plaza de Armas s/n , Cusco.
Iglesia de La Compañía de Jesús
Address: Plaza de Armas s/n, Cusco.
Iglesia y Convento de la Merced
Address: Calle Mantas s/n, Cusco.
Piedra de los 12 ángulos
Address: Calle Hatum Rumiyoc s/n, Cusco.
Teléfonos de contacto: 999498093 / 98104*6894